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Ashley Lorinsky

Ashley Lorinsky Horse Chit Chat!


Horse Training

Since I was 8, I have rode and done whatever I could to be around horses and horse trainers. However one aspect of horse training that I fell in love with was horse psychology and behavior. I loved analyzing behaviors and finding techniques to stop negative behaviors. I have worked with various experts on horse psychology and am continuing my education. I utilize positive reinforcement, clicker training and target training to counter condition behaviors. And I am continuously furthering, updating and learning more positive techniques to help horses!

I am a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) working towards completing my certification.

I am also a certified Franklin Method Equestrian Ball instructor.


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Life Adventures

My life has taken me from all over New England to Iceland, Wyoming, Michigan, and Florida. I have worked for the US National Forest Service and Park Service. I got the chance to work at an animal wildlife sanctuary and learned how to handle raptors. I completed grad school and deepened my knowledge and understanding of Conservation Ecology.

Now my mission is to educate horse owners/companion animal owners about the challenges our animals will face from climate change. We are seeing the changes right now from extreme temperature changes to extreme weather events. Our animals will not be spared from these effects and we need to understand how to help them through it too.

I am pairing my knowledge of animal behavior and climate change to make self-paced online courses that give you the knowledge you need to keep your pets healthy. 

Watch out this coming year for the release of these courses!



To hear and see both you and your horse at where you are at.

To support you and your horse's mental and physical health.

To give you the best and up to date knowledge.

To let you know when I do not have the knowledge you need and point you in the direction of someone who does.


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