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Horse Training

Since I was 8, I have rode and done whatever I could to be around horses and horse trainers. However one aspect of horse training that I fell in love with was horse psychology and behavior. I loved analyzing behaviors and finding techniques to stop negative behaviors. I have worked with various experts on horse psychology and am continuing my education. I now want to share what I have learned and my techniques to others who want to help their horses.

I am a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) working towards completing my certification.

I am also a certified Franklin Method Equestrian Ball instructor.


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Life Adventures

My life has taken me from all over New England to Iceland, Wyoming, Michigan, and Florida. I have worked for the US National Forest Service and Park Service. I got the chance to work at an animal wildlife sanctuary and learned how to handle raptors. Lastly, I just completed grad school and deepened my knowledge and understanding of Conservation Ecology.

Now all of this may sound interesting or impressive, in reality I had many ups and downs with my physical and mental health during all of those periods. I struggled since I was in middle school with stomach issues and did not find doctors who could actually help me until I was in grad school. From those stomach issues and other life changes I pushed away certain emotions and forced myself to plow through life. My confidence at points was very low and my mind was racing. At times I felt so awful, I was worried I would never be able to really ride how I wanted too or truly feel great around my horses, my friends, and family. I worked with therapists on and off to help but not until recently have I found a therapy that works for me and is helping me unburden my emotions and release negative thoughts.

My goal now is to support others in life who may be going through similar issues and need someone who can help them rebuild their confidence. I will support you and your horse (if you have one) through the use of natural horsemanship, science, my personal experiences, and with a loving and patient perspective.

Certified Professional Life Coach

Certified Life Purpose Coach


I am currently studying Internal Family Systems (IFS) to become informed in how to use it to help others have a more centered life.



Horse Chit Chat!


To hear and see both you and your horse (if you have one) at where you are at.

To support you and your horse's mental and physical health.

To let you know when I do not have the knowledge you need and point you in the direction of someone who does.