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The Basics of Horse Behavior


This course is a love letter to all the horses and to all the horse owners and equestrians. It is for those who really want to understand her horse's behavior but that do not have people with that knowledge around. It is for those who just want their horse to be healthy and happy but are not sure what that is supposed to look like. And for those who know there is more going on with there horse than the simple they are just stubborn! This course is all that I wish I had been taught when I was younger and is only full of love for all those doing the best they can for their horses! This course is going to go over... the science of how horse behavior is studied the fight or flight nervous system the brain herd dynamics different behaviors stereotypies how to fix or ease these behavioral issues anthropomorphism and comfort behaviors There are 2 hours of videos broken down into small chunks, PDFs to help you and your horse, 4 extra bonus PDFs just for you, and a coupon to the Horse Chit Chat store! You will have access to the course for 12 weeks so that you can take your time watching everything! So come and join me, my mares and all of my horse cartoons as we guide you on an adventure into horse behavior!

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