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Eco-Friendly Barn/Horse Management


As an environmental consultant on the opposite side of my horse work, helping the earth and everything on it is my mission EVERY day! But it can get overwhelming when bad news about the earth is constantly being reported and it can make us feel at times that we cannot make a difference. And that is right. We cannot make a difference ALONE! Emphasis on ALONE! TOGETHER is how we can make an impact! TOGETHER is how we will help the earth, our animals and each other! TOGETHER in this webinar is where we will focus on the changes we can all take to make that huge impact we all dream about! It does not matter if you have your own farm or board somewhere, you can do small little things that will help the earth, your farm animals and loved ones stay healthy while not crunching your bank! Join me, my mares and all of my cartoon horses as we talk about this important topic in this webinar!

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