Horse Behavior Consulting

"It is the difficult horses that have the most to give to you." - Lendon Gray 

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My Mission as a Horse Behaviorist

I help horses with behavioral issues due to mental and physical pain heal!

What does an Animal Behavior Consultant do?

An animal behaviorist studies how an animal behaves and works to figure out why a certain behavior is occurring. This involves studying the animal either in person or looking at videos to see the unwanted behavior. Once enough information is gathered a plan is formed to ease or stop the behavior.

Is a trainer the same as an Equine Behaviorist?

No. A trainer will teach a horse to accept humans and how to respond to cues for certain actions. Some trainers do focus on behavioral issues but not all! Also some do not understand all of the low-stress methods that can be used to help with behavioral issues. Many push to the side the idea that there could be physical pain/body limitations that could be causing blocks to a horse exceling.  

How does it work?

I offer 6 months of support to make sure you and your horse get all the help you need and the issue is addressed effectively. Once you sign up, you will receive an email from me to book a free 30 minute call where we meet, discuss your horse, and decide if we would work well together! After the call, I will send some forms to fill out and a drop box to put videos and pictures of you horse's behavior which I will look over before our next call. 

If you are in or near Southeastern CT and want to do in-person, I will meet you and your horse at your barn, talk to you, ask questions, and watch the behavioral issue there.

Why an hour and a half for an initial assessment after the 30 minute call?

I want you to tell me about your horse! Literally spill everything! All the history, medical issues, and stories! I have tons of questions I will ask too! I want to use this long session to dive deeper into understanding you and your horse than those 30 minutes ever could! I want to understand you and your horse completely!

Why 6 months?

I want to make sure your horse's issue is addressed properly and given the time it needs to get resolved. When fixing behavioral issues many times I tweak or change what I am doing depending on how the horse responds. This will happen with your horse too and you will let me know if something is not working! At least I hope!

What if the issue is fixed before the 6 months are done?

That is awesome! And you get some extra time with me to work on either smaller behavioral issues, horseback riding, or natural horsemanship! I do not just disappear myself as soon as you say everything is fixed! I will support you and your horse until the 6 months are complete!

Still unsure if you need an Equine Behaviorist?

Well my goal is to help you and your horse as much as I can with whatever issues are present. I am a strong advocate for collaboration and absolutely love working with the horse, its owner, its trainer/instructor, its vet, and anyone else who is a part of its life! The best results can be achieved when everyone is on the same page and working together! 

Reach out if you want to talk more about this or want to set up your free 30 minute consultation!