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Galloping into 2023!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Wow! I cannot believe 2022 is gone! Somehow it felt both long and short! How did it feel for you all?

As we move into a new year it can at times feel weird, maybe sad or even a relief. Sometimes it hits us that a year goes by faster than we think and that we better get a move on with our goals! But this post is not going to be some list of ways to get your goals done or how to utilize this new year. Hell I still feel like it's December!

No this post is about honoring where the past year took us, what it gave us and how it has led us to this new year. Below I will share my own perspectives of my past year and after I will give you a simple exercise to honor all your emotions popping up right now at the start of this New Year! And nope, I will NOT be telling you to make a resolution or anything for this year! You do you!

2022 In The Eyes of Horse Chit Chat!

Oh started off okay but shaky! I had moved my mare to a different barn in Ocala and we were getting used to it. My confidence was low since our time there had not been as great as I thought it would be and I was feeling like a failure in may parts of my life. All I knew was something needed to change for myself and my mare.

I found a therapist who I clicked with who helped me with my emotions. I had gotten into the habit of pushing away emotions I did not like and well they came back with a harder bite. Slowly I was learning to accept all the different parts of myself and getting some confidence back. Because of the healing I was doing, I felt confident enough to reach out to another trainer who changed my life!

Over the first few months I took lessons with Donna Blem, a wonderful trainer, who truly changed my horsemanship and helped me take my relationship with my mare in new directions. But I was still getting myself together and trying to find a job which at times is soul crushing. Somehow I got lucky because Donna is friends with Karen Rohlf who at that time needed extra help at her barn!

You should have seen my face when Karen called asking if I would be interested in helping with some barn chores around her farm! I was ecstatic to get to see her farm, to watch her play with her horses and it was a slight relief to have a job and getting some money in.

Karen's farm was like a healing spot for me. There I would do the chores and let my mind just go. I would think out my stress and anxieties about life, my goals and my future. It was like a free therapy session whenever I was there and I always had a little helper going around with me!

While working with Donna and helping Karen, I learned about Karen's Transform Your Business virtual event. It is where horse people who want to start an equine focused business or those already with a business can come and learn all about how to make it sustainable, profitable and something you love!

I decided why not sign up for it! I always thought about creating an equine business in the future. Well it totally changed my life and yours too, because...

I created Horse Chit Chat a few days after going to that event! I was inspired and felt drawn to start building my business then! Donna and my friends there, helped me form and build me business into what it is today!

Now even though this is all rosy and happy there still was struggle.

Oh The Struggle Wuggles!

By mid spring I was on my way back up to New England. I sent my mare up first and of course it had to be the night of one of the worst thunderstorms to hit the south! My anxiety was hitting the heavens! I was up all night until I got the call from my mom that my mare was safe with her! Once I knew she was alright I just collapsed on the bed for a few good hours!

Next came the packing up of my car and the trailer. And oh boy did we pack it tight!! If you tried squeezing in a book, it would pop right on out! My car had only the front two seats open so no other travelers were coming along!

It took us 3 days to get back to New England and once we did I immediately went to go see my mares!

My mares were all good and I was happy to be back home. But of course there were more bumps!

It took us almost a month to find a place to rent. The move was long and tiring. And Horse Chit Chat! was not completely formed yet.

It took another month or so to get Horse Chit Chat! set up and once it was, I realized I knew nothing about marketing!

Some days I was so worried about my business and feeling like I should just stop. But another part of me would whisper keep going. I slowly learned more about what I needed to do for my business and am still learning as much as I can.

Through my anxious thoughts and stress filled moments I have kept going. And it has led me to now, with you all and to a brighter chapter!

Now there are definitely a hundred other struggles and happy moments I could share with you but then this post would become my autobiography of 2022! I will share some more moments another time and I can tell you one will include a surprise tornado!

But now I want to focus on an exercise that you all might enjoy to start off this new year.

Simple Heart Exercise for the New Year

You can either write this on some paper or just think through these questions. Then sit somewhere comfortable and quiet.

  • Think about the year 2022 and all the events you experienced. Some may be wonderful and others tough. What emotions do you feel pop up?

  • Your emotions, though hard to feel at times, are doing their best at protecting you and guiding you in life. So I want you to think of a magnificent ball of light full of strength and love slowly growing from your heart. Let it grow out until it is surrounding your whole body. Feel that love and strength pouring into every part of you. Feel the warmth radiate around you, and say out loud or to yourself:

I accept and welcome all my emotions and all 2022 has given me.

  • How do you feel? It is absolutely fine to still feel crappy, grumpy, whatever. This is more about accepting your emotions and accepting 2022 is gone. You made it through and you are still going.

  • Finally, when you are ready, how do you want to feel in 2023? And just imagine yourself feeling those emotions in 2023. Maybe even think about any exciting events that are coming up in 2023 for you. And say when you are ready, aloud or to yourself:

I welcome and accept all my emotions 2023 will be bring.

Pushing away emotions is just pushing away yourself. Feel every part of you because it will make you whole. 2023 can be an amazing year for you if you let it!

If you do need help with making sure 2023 is your year, reach out! I am always here to help!



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