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Our Horses Change Our Goals Whether We Like It Or Not!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Hello Horse Lovers!

Take a gander at my video, be amazed, be confused about what this post will say and then continue on reading!

So after watching this video, you might be thinking that was pretty cool or damn your horse is gorgeous! Well thank you so much and I shall send your love to her! But that is not why I am sharing this video. This video and the process leading up to making it made me learn so much and changed my path FOREVER! LITERALLY!

I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing Parelli professionals and only give the highest praise to them and all that they teach! I worked hard with one of them to create this Level 2 On-Line audition for Parelli and it was some hard, frustrating, and tiring work. But we did it! AND we passed with flying colors!

BUT not long after completing this video I stopped my aspirations of doing more auditions because they were not right for my horse both physically and mentally. Maybe you can tell in the video but she is a very long bodied horse who is crazy downhill! Damn quarter horse genes! But besides that she has arthritis in her hocks and a little bit of kissing spine.

Now you may be thinking whoa that is a lot for one horse! And you are so correct! A couple years before this audition was when I found out all about her skeletal and muscular issues. I worked tirelessly to get her to use her body correctly and move correctly! And not going to lie there still is a lot I need to help her with, but she is not showing pain or inflammation in her back like before!

Horse Chit Chat!

Now I think you see where this is going with the auditions. They just were not right for her because her body is limited in what it can do and plus it does not help she has to be very motivated to do something. So I stopped and instead focused more on what was right for her. And oh boy did she take me on a journey to meeting some of the most amazing and influential people in my life including Donna Blem of Evolution Horsemanship who just in passing mentioned a horse business clinic that set me on this path of creating my own business! (aka this one!) And Karen Rohlf of Dressage Naturally, who is so kind and has so much knowledge on how horse biomechanics work!

So I am challenging you to listen to what your horse needs! Not only will it improve their mental and physical health, it could lead you on an amazing journey of growth!

I wish you all the best on your horsy journey!


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