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Who or What is Horse Chit Chat?! Part 2

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Okay so you know Horse Chit Chat! is run by me, Ashley, and that I do Horse Behavior Consulting. But now it's time to talk about another part of my business. And that is...Equestrian Life Coaching!

Gnome Horse chit Chat!

So now you may be asking what is Equestrian Life Coaching?! Well here is your answer!

As I thought over my skills and time in the horse world, I realized many equestrians would come to me to ask for help with general knowledge about horse care and training. At the same time many were lacking confidence and were looking for someone to guide them and help them build up their skills and knowledge in the horse world and in life. This was when Equestrian Life Coaching jumped into my mind! This is a niche of life coaching that focuses on helping horse lovers find their purpose, grow a stronger and loving relationship with their horses, and lead a confident balanced live.

Many other professionals do not understand the amount of time we put into our horses, how much they are intertwined in our lives, or how they make us who we are. I absolutely get that and feel that so strongly! So I started this to help you horse lovers when life gets tough or when you have issues with your horse and want someone to listen. My sessions can range from you asking questions about horse care and training to talking about life, holding you accountable to changes you want to make and helping you find that spark in life again. No matter if you are a beginner with horses or a pro I can help you and support you on your journey!

I use many different techniques in my sessions including Internal Family systems and somatic breathing! And if you are not an are so welcome to come and work with me! Other areas that I focus on besides equestrian stuff is:

  • Finding life purpose

  • Rebuilding confidence (it is never gone!)

  • Reframing the mind

  • Understanding emotions through IFS (Internal Family Systems)

  • Decision making

  • Mental Clarity

  • Supporting and rebuilding strength due to stomach issues and undiagnosed health issues

Gnome Horse Chit Chat!

So now you know Horse Chit Chat! offers both Horse Behavior Consulting and Equestrian Consulting! BUTTTTT....there still is one last extra fun part about Horse Chit Chat! that I cannot wait to share with you!


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