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Who or What is Horse Chit Chat!? Part 3

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

You are almost there! You almost know everything about Horse Chit Chat! Except for this last fun and colorful part!


Horse Chit Chat! has its own edutainment cartoon series!!

When I was first creating Horse Chit Chat! I wanted to do something fun and creative that would teach and entertain people of all ages! Then all of the sudden, at night, like a switch my brain remembered the history cartoons that I love to watch. My mind immediately said, "Do that!" I immediately became excited and shared with my boyfriend and trainer! But then the reality set in that I would actually need to make these myself!

Ya the dread and fear sunk in but I am so lucky my boyfriend is a huge computer geek and wants to make his own video game. And he knew how to make characters and different programs I could use!

There were times of GREAT frustration, wanting to give up, and sadness. But I did it!

Horse Chit Chat starting!
My first time ever creating a cartoon on a computer!

In two short, awfully busy and painful, months I had created my first cartoon episode of Horse Chit Chat!

For those of you wondering where the idea of the cartoon horses' look came from, I knew I need some sort of inspiration. And then I looked at this cutie sitting on my floor...

Horse chit Chat inspiration!
Inspiration for my cartoon horses

And BOOM my cartoon horses came to life with their bright and happy colors!

Take some time to look around the Horse Chit Chat! YouTube page! I have a mixture of cartoon videos, horse education talks, and general play times with my horses to give you inspiration! More videos are coming! They just take some time for me to make them!

So now you have the full picture of Horse Chit Chat! I offer both Horse Behavior Consulting and Equestrian Life Coaching! And I make cartoon videos to entertain and educate everyone about horses and the horse world! Phew! Ya it's a lot but it is so satisfying for me to do all these things and they bring me so much joy and happiness! And I hope you can feel this joy and happiness too!


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