Available Services

I ONLY provide high quality services for your hard earned money!


Horse Behavior Consulting

Let go of the frustration, fear and sadness and get to the amazing relationship you always wanted with your horse!

  • 1-6 months of support

  • First session 90 minute call/visit 

    • in-depth conversation about horse and goals​

    • tailored action plan is formed

  • Two 1 hour sessions each month

  • Two 30 minute SOS calls for emergencies each month

  • Email Access to me

  • For those in Southern New England, in-person consulting available


Schedule your free 30 minute consultation call now!

Horseback riding

Equestrian Life Coaching

Burn out, pain, and sometimes unfulfilled goals all come with working in the horse world. This program will get you back on track!

  • 3-6 months of support

  • First session 90 minute call/visit 

    • tailored action plan is formed

  • Two 1 hour sessions each month

  • Two 30 minute SOS calls for emergencies

  • Email Access to me

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Other Services

Public Speaking

If you would like me to speak at your event either on Equestrian Life Coaching, Equine Behavior, the Franklin Method, or about animation and video making, reach out!

Horse Chit Chat Public Speaking


Limited space is available for those living in Southeastern CT and in Rhode Island near the CT border. Lessons can focus on:

  • Natural Horsemanship  

  • The Franklin Method


* $1.25 per mile when over 20 miles from my home

Horseback Riding


Day clinics available focusing on:

  • Equine Behavior

  • Franklin Method

  • General Horse Care

Horse Chit Chat clinics

Free Virtual Events!

Let's Talk Horse! Monthly Call!

Every first Thursday of the month, at 5:30pm I host a free open virtual group to answer any horse related topics or life coaching questions!

You do not have to ask a question to come and join! It is a supportive group where we learn from each other! I welcome all and look forward to you joining! 

But the only way to join is to book your spot! Sign up now!



What happens when I click contact?

When you hit that Contact Now button, and fill out that quick questionnaire, I will reach out via email to schedule a quick 30 minute call to see what you and your horse's needs are! I also explain what happens during those 6 months we work together!


It will also give you and me a good sense of whether we would work well together. Having a good connection with my clients is key to making sure goals are met and horses are thoroughly helped!

How much does everything cost?

For Horse Behavior Consulting I put my all into helping you and your horse and give you all the knowledge and support I have. I expect you to give your all for yourself and for the sake of your horse. Since the length can be anywhere from 1 month to 6 months depending on your horse's issue, the price will range from $667 to $4,000.


For Equestrian Life Coaching, since the length can be 3-6 months the price will range from $2000 to $4000. Can be paid in a monthly fee of $667.


I will be working on forming group programs for those on a budget. There are no cancelations! When you commit you commit!

For Lessons my base price is $150 and if you are out of my mileage then $1.25 for each mile is added on.

For clinics and public speaking engagements please contact me so we can talk more about the event!

If you really do not have the money now and want to work with me, then come and sign up for my Free Virtual Live event! Every first Thursday of the month at 5:30pm! You can ask anything horse related or life coach related and I will help!  Click here and sign up for which ever month works for you! Or sign up for them all!  

Do I really need a Life Coach or a Horse Behavorist?

I do not know. This question is for you to answer.


BUT you can continue on the path you are on with your horse and live the life you have now.

OR you can take a leap, have a mentally happy horse and transform your life!


IF you want to have a happy horse, support from someone who understands pain, and a more centered loving life with your horse and others around you, then you need to work with me.

SO are you ready?


Like what you see? Want to schedule an appointment? Reach out! We will get back to you quickly!

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