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Confused if your horse is in pain or if its a training issue? Need someone to help you figure it out and fix it? I am here to help! Reach out now!


Horse Lovers!

Horse Chit Chat!


Have a horse with a not so fun behavioral issue...

And you want to understand your horse's behavior...

You want someone to guide you in fixing the issue...

And you just want to have fun again with your horse, then...



Horse Behavior Consulting

Pain both mentally and physically can cause a boatload of behavioral issues. But understanding which pain it is and how to heal the issue takes time and support! 

And if your emotions are not feeling so hot either, this is for you!

Equestrian Life Coaching!

Just as your horse needs support in healing mental and physical pain, so do you! 

Youtube Series

The Horse Chit Chat! series are short animated videos that go over horse behavioral issues and general horse care knowledge. We are working on expanding the series to cover more topics!


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dancing horse cartoon
jumping horse cartoon
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"Playing with horses or any type of animal is a spiritual experience. You have your soul, and another soul that does not communicate in the same way but both want to connect. That is freaking amazing!" - Ashley Lorinsky

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